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The Culinary Cauldron

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While working, many clients, friends and family members constantly ask me for my recipes and I love to share! But, then they will call me and want to video chat while they are making the recipes to make sure they are doing it right. Or when the are buying drinks for a party they are attending or hosting, I will get texts and calls wondering “ Which wine should I bring?? They are making steak tips!” or “does tequila go with these brownies I made?”

So I thought to myself, I need a space to put this information so people can access it and BOOM The Culinary Cauldron was born. Here you will get a culinary pantry, filled with fundamental culinary knowledge, a monthly recipe, a virtual cooking class showing you how to make the recipe and the beverage that goes best with it. Along with a fun article with the history of the monthly beverage, flavor profiles and more!

My intention is to make cooking fun, accessible and to get your creative juices flowing. So if you love to cook, explore new flavor profiles and dare to learn more about the crazy beverage world then this is the place for you!

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