The Beginning of Autumn

The Beginning of Autumn

Today my thoughts are on the setting summer sun, and how quickly the first half of the year really goes by. We leave our homes, hopefully get a tan, drink some more water and spend needed time outside just being. Just being is an important part of life that most of us don’t do enough, but summer allows us that grace.

But then, September comes around and we start the process.

The process of critically looking at our lives and beginning again. Making lists, plans, schedules, phone calls, meetings and everything we put off as un-important while we were just being. If you find that this is not you at all, you may find that you are a witness to others in your life going through this odd ritual.

Noticing this ritual is one of the major reasons I started my prepared meals service.

Our Prepared Meals Service is built around helping those who simply have too much on their minds and too many places to be. We provide locally sourced, from Massachusetts ingredients in all our dishes. Seasonally changing menu to provide a more nutrient dense meal, and free delivery twice a week. This ensures that your meals aren’t sitting around in your fridge too long and that you don’t have to eat frozen meals unless you choose too!

Check out our September/October prepared meals menu below

if this sounds like something that might help your daily life and ease some pressure as we enter into autumn then contact us and check out out Current Menu.
Until next time,
~ Mayari 

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