4/20 Food

4/20 Food - Green Week

This week we have two mini celebrations, 4/20 and Earth Day, I like to call it Green Week.

Personally, I find it hilarious that these two days are in the same week because most people who enjoy the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis are also very much concerned with the environment and protecting our planet.

Now, there is much debate about the benefits of cannabis however, I am not here to discuss any of that. Today we are talking about the movement of marijuana in the food industry. People are paying top dollar for Cannabis Dinners, baked goods, desserts, beverages and more. It is quite incredible! During a global pandemic, humans all over the world are finding that consuming these products is reducing their anxiety, curing insomnia, reducing inflamed nervous systems, and helping them find their own silver linings amidst all of the pandemonium. Souls are being lifted out of dark holes and people are finding joy and purpose.
This is truly beautiful.

Our planet Earth provides us with all the medicine we need in the form of food and herbs. From Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Cannabis, Valerian Root these are all natural herbs and flowers, helping people reduce anxiety in all forms minus addiction to pills and unnecessary chemicals.

Many high end, amazingly creative chefs are curating cannabis dinners for guests. From LA to NYC, these chefs are highlighting the playful nature of both high end dining and mary jane. Each dinner is designed to each guests tolerance level so that everyone can enjoy the fun, light hearted evening with out feeling like they have been pushed over the edge. And there is no way you can forget the culinary artistry these people present on a plate.

How cool!

If you want to learn a little more here is fun article highlighting top cannabis chefs .

With that readers, Happy Green Week!

I hope you are able to find some herbs and flowers that make your life a little less heavy, and a little more fun.

Until next time,
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